How do Chinese and Westerners view FAIRNESS differently?

Feb 07, 2020

Understanding the Chinese historical and cultural context of FAIRNESS will enable you to adjust your approach to achieve real breakthroughs.

Western definition of FAIR = to be free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice (which is generally based on the law and legal precedence)

Chinese characters...

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MAIN difference between Chinese and Westerners

Jan 07, 2020

What are the MAJOR differences that matter for improving communications, collaboration, and cooperation?


For example, knowing that Chinese prefer to eat with chopsticks, while Westerners are accustomed to eating with a knife and fork.

This is irrelevant because...

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KNOW THE GAME WIN THE GAME Unbiased Truth of US-China Relations

Jan 01, 2020

Webinar Event Summary (October 9, 2019) -- We are all affected by US-China relations in the macro (geopolitical level), but are you aware of all the Controllable Factors that Influence OUTCOMES Doing Business in China in the micro (individual level)?

KNOW THE GAME WIN THE GAME means you will...

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China labor laws in “strategic” context!

Dec 27, 2019

Doing business in China is tricky for most foreign entities and individuals, and understanding China’s labor laws are a perfect illustration!

China market-entry, legal, and commercial consultants are a cornucopia of agencies ranging from boutiques serving niches to industry stalwarts like...

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