Speak Up with Chinese Employees Language & Cultural Immersion Workshop

Apr 27, 2023

This episode provides a language and cultural primer for speaking confidently with Chinese employees. Gene emphasizes the importance of self-introductions, understanding cultural nuances, and adapting one's attitude when working with Chinese colleagues. He provides examples and explanations of Chinese language and culture that get lost in translation with personal anecdotes from his own experience living and working in China. The episode covers topics such as "Guanxi" in the context of leading Chinese employees, the importance of attitude and perception in communication, the need for cultural sensitivity and adaptability, and finding a balance between enforcing formal rules and empowering Chinese employees to get things done.

Self-Introduction [00:00:01]
The speaker introduces the importance of self-introduction in Chinese culture and provides examples of personal information that Chinese people like to know.

Chinese Values in the Workplace [00:07:11]
The speaker discusses the values Chinese employees prioritize in their jobs, including face, salary, opportunities for promotion, and self-satisfaction.

Cooperation and Working Together [00:09:18]
The speaker explains the meaning of the Chinese word HEZUO, which means to cooperate and work together and highlights the importance of understanding cultural nuances in communication and giving face.

Cooperation in Chinese culture [00:11:02]
Explains the meaning of cooperation in Chinese culture and how it implies reciprocity of goodwill and continuous mutual benefit.

Using Chinese phrases to deepen Guanxi [00:14:54]
Describes how to use the phrase "our cooperation" (ζˆ‘δ»¬ηš„εˆδ½œ) to deepen Guanxi (relationship) with Chinese partners.

Importance of tone and attitude in doing business in China [00:20:38]
Discusses the importance of Tone and Attitude in Chinese psychology and how they can determine the trajectory of the conversation and the likelihood of reaching a positive outcome.

Establishing Hierarchy and Positive Intent [00:29:37]
The speaker discusses the delicate balance of establishing hierarchy and portraying positive intent when managing Chinese employees and how it is essential to understand what Chinese employees value most.

Chinese Attitudes Towards Foreigners [00:26:11]
The speaker talks about how Chinese attitudes towards foreigners have changed over the years and how foreigners doing business in China need to be aware of the trends.

Psychology and Perception Management [00:27:23]
The speaker emphasizes the importance of attitude and perception management when communicating with Chinese people and how they respond more to your attitude than words or translations.

The Chinese concept of time [00:33:27]
Chinese punctuality reflects their concept of time, which is relative and differs when working with team members of the same level or with friends or relatives.

Getting things done in China [00:34:58]
Chinese people are incredibly savvy in getting things done but need help working in a structured environment. It is crucial to find a balance between empowering employees and requiring them to follow formal rules.

Managing Chinese employees [00:37:01]
Chinese employees always want to please but have a strong tendency to avoid personal responsibility. More team-oriented behavior can be developed once this is understood in the Chinese cultural context.

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