Debunk China Business Myths May 11, 2023 at 7:00pm PST

Ready to debunk the biggest myths about doing business in China?

Want to learn simple Art of War tactics you can use immediately to create an advantage during negotiations with Chinese counterparts? Tactics you can use to inspire your Chinese employees to behave more constructively.

Additionally, you'll understand why these AoW tactics work so you can utilize them to deepen Guanxi and enhance your cooperation with anyone you work with in China.


They say language is the gateway into another culture, "walking in another man's shoes" will unlock some mystical sway over your Chinese partners and employees, and adapting to different communication styles will empower you to negotiate more successfully in China.

The question is, Are they right? And Who are They?

Leveling up your success doing business in China is a function of collaborating constructively with your Chinese counterparts, which starts with an awareness of contrasting business norms and how to excel within them, managing perceptions, theirs and your own, and adjusting your expectations within the context of the Chinese business environment. This session will help you to avoid hidden landlines inside the Chinese arena and develop tactics to form deeper Guanxi relationships.

"A cultural dichotomy is just a contrast that lacks curiosity."

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Mandarin Savvy Immersion Workshops

1-hour interactive Chinese language and cultural experiences. Each session includes printable handout materials.

MS3: Speak Up With Chinese Employees

You might think leading Chinese employees is simple due to their respect for hierarchy, but this presumption needs to consider the hazards of interpreting Face-giving pantomimes literally, often mistakenly. While we appreciate their song and dance performance, we must purposefully orchestrate the final act.

As we develop an awareness of the importance of TONE, literally and figuratively, and how to sidestep cultural landmines hidden in our dichotomies, more productive communication patterns will emerge.

Still, we can accelerate the creation of a new reality with specific pointers regarding how we interact with local Chinese staff and direct reports.

Additionally, we will discuss Chinese work ethics in relation to their values and how it affects their behavior, both seen and unseen, known and unknown and where their priorities lie.

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MS2: Language Up Your Mindset for China Business

They say language is the gateway into another culture, but what access does speaking Chinese grant you in China?

Due to China's Face-giving culture, speaking a little Chinese can open many doors to foreigners. That said, failing to understand how, when, and why to say things can close the windows of opportunity as quickly as they were opened, symbolic of China as a land of contradictions to many Westerners.

"Knowing how to speak Chinese doesn't mean you know what to say in Chinese," but knowing what to say works in any language.

This immersion workshop, given in Chinese and English, will present, dissect, and analyze key Chinese cultural dichotomies with the West, whose misunderstanding represents the root cause of most of our frustrations doing business in China, opening the door to deepening Guanxi, the Chinese version of good business relationships. With this foundation, doing what's appropriate in business situations in China will become second nature.

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MS1: Tone Up Your Chinese Pinyin

Mandarin Chinese learners quickly discover the importance of Tones or Pinyin in learning to speak Chinese. Pinyin is the only way to represent the diacritics of Chinese characters. Still, the literal and figurative Tone of Chinese pronunciation completely alters its meaning to the listener. Correctly applying Tones is vital for getting answers, influencing behavior, and properly conveying intended meaning in the local cultural context.

This Chinese language workshop dissects fours ways to translate one common question (LITERAL DIRECT, LITERAL INDIRECT, COLLOQUIAL DIRECT, and COLLOQUIAL INDIRECT) to analyze how Chinese people feel based on different Tones and translations.

In the West, we talk about the importance of reading body language, but this is less important in Chinese culture due to its Face-giving nature. On the other hand, Tones should be given more attention by anyone who truly endeavors to communicate more effectively. Workshop attendees will leave with a new appreciation for incorporating Tones into their Chinese learning journey.

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