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Here's the original podcast (China Myth Podcast) that started it all...

China Myth Podcast

"You cannot create a new reality (in China) with the same MINDSET that led to the current one" .. LISTEN to how it all began, these 10 episodes became the 10 chapters of The Chinese Honeymoon Period.

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In this first episode, we begin your journey by exploring whether having close Guanxi relationships is enough to guarantee a successful partnership in China and how NOT to be misled (in your mind and by your ego) by customary Chinese honeymoon period treatment.

China Myth Podcast

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I hosted a YouTube Live Q&A Recap after the release of each new episode. All ten worksheets are now available for download (PDF) as a listener's guide for key questions and summary of Chinese cultural concepts.

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Each episode of the China Myth Podcast (Season 1) is also published as short stories for listener's to read and study the key questions and Chinese cultural concepts.

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Eliminate Your Frustrations in China Forever with 3 Chinese Characters

Reverse Q&A Meetup Replay [Sept. 28, 2021] -- The central question in the last episode of the China Myth Podcast (Season 1) brings us full circle back to the aspect of doing business in China that frustrates us the most, CIRCULAR CONVERSATIONS.

Preventing, stopping, and dealing with them begins with a MINDSET shift, but in practice you just need to learn "3 Chinese characters + 1 more to pivot" [watch and learn].


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