Guanxi EXPOSED beyond its honeymoon period perceptions

Jun 10, 2021
Gene J. Hsu
Guanxi EXPOSED beyond its honeymoon period perceptions
You are listening to Episode 1 of China Myth Podcast scheduled for release on July 21, 2021. I'd love to hear your feedback for what would make this podcast worth listening to and what else you might hope to learn.


China Myth Podcast

I think we're all bad at interpreting strangers, especially across cultural differences. We hear them speak, we feel them trying to please us, and we might even occasionally like what we hear. But when you look at the results, the outcomes of working together, you discover that you might have completely misread their intentions all together…

Or did you?

I'm Gene Hsu, author of Solving CHINA's Unknown Unknowns and now host of The CHINA Myth Podcast. This show is my attempt to help you listen better to your Chinese counterparts, so that you might know what to expect, and also so that you can expect something better.

Over the course of 10 episodes, we'll explore how the various myths created in our minds about China and working with Chinese people, often leads us to foolish action and our nightmare scenarios coming true.

I'll illuminate how that little voice in your head often hurls you into a negative, self-fulfilling prophecy loop.

And then I'll show you how to escape to create new, winning patterns of communication and interaction.

You may be fine with your current level of success, you might even be proud of your achievements in China given the unique set of circumstances, but there is an alternative reality of a more rewarding and less frustrating journey waiting to be discovered.

The CHIHA Myth Podcast, sometimes, when we don't know how to listen, we also miss seeing the most obvious path to success.


Episode 1: Guanxi EXPOSED beyond its honeymoon period perceptions

The story begins with Vincent as an example of how Guanxi is developed between two people who by default, don't have any hierarchical relationship together. In Chinese, we say 没有利益关系 (Méiyǒu lìyì guānxì).

But in the story with Richard, he is my direct report, and he became my direct report before we'd ever even yet. So we'll use this story to illustrate what's happening beyond perceptions as Guanxi is being developed, and some subtle signs that everything isn't as it appears, especially when you are in a reality distortion bubble called THE HONEYMOON PERIOD.

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