Most leaders enter China unprepared to adapt to things they don't know they don't know

Gene J. Hsu discovered during his first business trip to the Republic of China in 1996, as Country Manager, Taiwan, that people think, behave, and have different expectations. He learned to embrace new customs that were odd and rituals that initially felt meaningless to create a more rewarding experience. This modus operandi and mindset adjustment were invaluable the moment he disembarked the ferry from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, China, in the early 2000s and have become the basis for his books, online China programs, and approach to training and coaching managers and executives worldwide regarding their tactical, emotional, and psychological challenges doing business in China. Working with Gene follows a simple awareness development process:

DISCOVERY: Understand the China challenge in the proper cultural and situational context
AWARENESS: Socialize actionable cause-and-effect cultural insights continually
ADJUSTMENT: Deepen relationships (Guanxi) through psychological harnessing and Art of War tactics
APPROACH: Balance ethical dilemmas and conflicting priorities to move forward, predictably

As with Chinese thinking, this process is circular.

Each discovery session will lead to greater awareness, each adjustment will lead to a better approach, and every outcome will lead to new discoveries.

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