5 Steps for Creating a Persona That Wins Inside the Chinese Arena

Jun 25, 2023

Do you need help mastering Chinese GUANXI 关系 for business? Did you ever wish communicating with Chinese counterparts could be easier? Have you ever been perplexed why your goodwill gestures in China appear well-received but rarely yield their intended outcomes?

Watch the replay for the latest Chinese language and cultural immersion experience, LEVEL UP Your M.O. in China, introduced five steps to creating a new persona in China that transforms Chinese Face-giving lip service to a greater aligned collaboration that you can trust.

  1. Reciprocal Psychology - After we condition our minds not to prejudge Chinese people from things we've read in the media, heard, or even experienced, then psychologically, we can reserve dysfunctional elements in our relationships and create positive synergy.
  2. Vague & Nonsensical Open-Mindedness - Sometimes, it doesn't matter which Chinese characters are spoken. It only matters what you mean and your tone!
  3. Leadership Application of Chinese Translated Meanings - Become aware of the perceptions created by your intentions and adopt the most culturally appropriate persona.
  4. Levels of Open-Mindedness - Improve how you are perceived by progressing through multiple stages of ascension to craft your winning persona in China.
  5. Managing Your Persona in China - Reimagine yourself as a "character in a story" playing a "role" in China. Try to become the right person at the right moment to keep your China mission moving forward.

Building successful relationships with Chinese counterparts requires patience, empathy, and understanding their processes in the proper cultural context. Developing a modus operandi for China and a persona that works within Chinese culture will improve the outcome of everything you endeavor to achieve in China over time.

https://youtu.be/wfRicrqnFAo (Watch on YouTube)
https://www.buzzsprout.com/1685839/13100133 (Listen on your favorite podcast)

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