China's mirage meets reality within an exotic Chinese Shangri-la!

Oct 05, 2022

The past twenty years for China have been a remarkable stretch of its five thousand-year history, and perhaps it's the only necessary period for understanding today's China and interacting with its new normal.

Historical context heavily influences our Chinese counterparts' thinking and attitude, but it is not homogeneous. Generational distinctions have shortened to five years, making situational awareness as necessary as cultural and self-awareness vital for keeping pandora's box in China closed.

Any snapshot of China should leave you seeking more depth and clarity, as the unknown unknowns that mislead our actions will remain buried beneath a fog of myopia, which is why it is valuable to discern Chinese thinking and psychology as it evolves in relation to our own within the backdrop of a tumultuous geopolitical environment.

After The Chinese Honeymoon follows Eddie Lee, our protagonist, who speaks decent Mandarin Chinese but transforms into an alternative persona when his sensibilities are overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of enchantments on his ego, pride, and boyhood dreams. His perceptions, mindset, and expectations become twisted. Yet, they steer closer to reality through his metaphorical experiences. At the same time, the attitude and thinking of his Chinese counterparts also evolve with China's rise and shifting perceptions around relative bargaining power. Eddie immerses readers in anecdotal Chinese psychology through a heightened awareness of his mercurial interactions within China's rapidly changing landscape.

Who is Eddie Lee?

Eddie is my alter ego, a doppelganger of sorts that allows me greater story-telling freedom to explore decadent themes inside China's landscape that I extrapolate from observation, first-hand accounts, and heedless imagination with quasi-fictional characters and actual encounters. As a dreamer, I often imagine fantastical relationships with attractive or celebrity people I encounter but rarely venture outside the pollyanna constraints of my hyperactive fantasies. Unconstrained, we'll unlock a deeper immersion into the Chinese cultural edifice we seek to expose, and you, the reader, will attain a more immersive learning journey. China's mirage meets reality within an exotic Chinese Shangri-la!

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