Hi, I'm Gene

I am so glad you are here to change your approach for doing business in China. PURPOSE-DRIVEN CURIOSITY is the first step towards developing greater cultural awareness and empathy to overcome myopic tendencies.

My personal journey into China began over 20 years ago through business, then marriage, leadership, entrepreneurship, and everything in between…

In 2017, I began a transition from China-based consultant and corporate trainer to thought leader for developing essential soft skills that matter (ESSTM), and my latest Tactical English Blueprint (TEB) for Winning in China is your first step to KNOW THE GAME WIN THE GAME in China.

In a land of contradictions, you need to first "forget everything you know to be true" to develop a new modus operandi (MO) that creates a new winning reality for yourself and your organization in China.

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Do's and Don'ts for Winning Negotiations in China