Hey Americans and Chinese, Cultural differences are NOT the reason we can't get along

Nov 03, 2022

But why do we say cultural differences are the main reason we can't get along?

I think it's a complete and utter misrepresentation to talk about cultural differences as the main factor for not being able to work together.

In the case of China and America, geopolitical competitors and, for all practical purposes, enemies on the global stage. Yet most Americans love many things considered part of Chinese culture, including its food, art, customs, and history. When we visit a Chinese friend's house, we respectfully take off our shoes, and when we visit a Buddhist temple, we bow and burn incense, none of which most of us would find offensive.

And most Chinese people who travel to America love things about American culture, including sporting events, museums, surfing, skiing, and all outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and mountain climbing. Chinese people marvel at our ability to criticize our leaders, including the President of the United States (POTUS).

When a Chinese person and an American person form of friendship, our cultural differences are one of the main areas of attractiveness. When we connect with people from other countries, getting to know each other, sharing ideas, and exchanging cultures and traditions is enjoyable, not something heinous or disgusting. Yet, you wouldn't feel this from how mainstream media portrays the other side.

But why do we say cultural differences are the main reason we can't get along?

Instead of cultural differences, the critical distinction is in conflicting 'Priorities' and unrealized 'Expectations.'

Fortunately, we can overcome these contrasts with a little bit more empathy and awareness.

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