The Chinese Honeymoon Period

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Everything We Know About China

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Solving CHINA's Unknown Unknowns

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Do's & Don'ts for China Negotiations

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EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY IN CHINA is a companion for Mandarin Savvy Chinese language and cultural immersion experiences (early manuscript access for attendees)


Create a new reality in China for yourself and those you partner with EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY IN CHINA - the only Chinese language and cultural immersion ecosystem now has a companion guide - from Gene Hsu, author of The Chinese Honeymoon Period, Solving CHINA's Unknown Unknowns, and Exactly What To Say In China.

What if you could trust your Chinese counterparts based on the relationships you develop? What if your ideas could be fully understood and accepted and all circular conversations eliminated with those you cooperate with in China?

In a geopolitical climate fraught with mistrust, fear, and uncertainty, knowing where to turn for unbiased actionable advice can be exhausting. Today, everything about China is polarized, the insights we consume, experts we trust, and cliches that guide our approach.

In this book, you will discover the meaning of tone, figuratively and literally, as it relates to communicating across vast cultural differences. You will learn how language can with used to express how you feel without unintentionally offending the other side and develop the confidence to express yourself in any language to achieve the most favorable outcomes.

The path to greater awareness begins by asking yourself whom you trust for advice, questioning why you trust them, and challenging their assertions and recommendations against reality. Across cultural differences and foreign paradigms, it is essential not to get trapped in an echo chamber of delusional righteousness. For anyone doing business in China, these hazards exist around every transaction, so soundbites or sayings cannot become proxies for developing greater awareness and empathy.

EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY IN CHINA will resolve everything you think you know to true into a winning approach for playing the China game inside the Chinese arena.

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