KNOW THE GAME WIN THE GAME Unbiased Truth of US-China Relations

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Webinar Event Summary (October 9, 2019) -- We are all affected by US-China relations in the macro (geopolitical level), but are you aware of all the Controllable Factors that Influence OUTCOMES Doing Business in China in the micro (individual level)?

KNOW THE GAME WIN THE GAME means you will struggle as a foreigner doing business in China if you DO NOT understand…

  • Chinese culture, values, and habits
  • How China rules are enforced and continuously evolve
  • How to manage perceptions and misperceptions in order to develop REAL Guanxi relationships

UNBIASED TRUTH means you strive to develop greater AWARENESS of your natural biases and prejudices, while also developing a MINDSET that accepts "relative" truth as a sufficient exchange of trust and goodwill

We are all biased! This is an inescapable human condition.

In the midst of increasing global uncertainty, it is important to focus attention on things we can control, ignoring that which is uncontrollable.

  • How to influence outcomes vis-à-vis our relationships and vice versa
  • How to develop REAL Gaunxi relationships

Key questions…

  • Are you AWARE (self-awareness, cultural awareness)
  • Do you CARE (empathy)

Myopia is detrimental for doing business across cultures, and it is a symptom of our UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS, which can be overcome with positive imagination and purpose-driven curiosity.

  • BEHAVIORS - In America people obey laws, while in China, people obey people
  • TRUST - In America, people expect honesty and transparency, while in China, people expect favors
  • FIFTH - In America, people have the right not to self-incriminate, while in China, it is strategically advantageous to admit to wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness

TACTICS to consider when playing the China game…

  • PRAISE is not disingenuous, rather it is a culturally intelligent habit to develop
  • VAGUENESS is a deliberate strategy that fosters better behavior while creating greater bargaining power
  • SILENCE is an art that is appropriate and advantageous during many circumstances in China

The ultimate goal is to develop new MINDSETs (ways of thinking), which foster healthier Attitudes that lead to a better Approach (modus operandi) for doing business in China.

  • It's NOT about being right
  • It's NOT about being righteous
  • It's ALL about giving and receiving Face (Mianzi)

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