Imagine there's no country & Realize your China Dreams

Mar 05, 2021

SOLVING CHINA'S UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS is now Available on Amazon, but you can get your FREE eBook with Workshop RSVP! 

The live workshop was held on March 23, 2021 (watch replay).

Have you ever been frustrated doing business in China?

Whether you are preparing for your first business trip to China or you've been living and working there for decades, strengthening mutual trust in the form of developing real Guanxi relationships will benefit your cause.

Have you ever gotten non-committal responses or lured into frustrating circular conversations?

Solving CHINA's Unknown Unknowns is now available on Amazon, but you can get the eBook for free when your RSVP our LIVE Zoom Workshop on March 16, 2021 (watch replay).

This WORKSHOP will unlock new tactics and strategies to keep your Chinese counterparts off balance while creating new communication and interaction patterns that deepen Guanxi relationships.

Western (mis)perceptions of China create challenges that require special attention to overcome, especially when the rules of engagement seem unfair, confusing, and contradictory. This program will demystify how to negotiate winning outcomes in China by teaching you the unspoken rules of playing the China game inside their arena.


• Learn to reimagine and reinterpret Chinese behavior to unlock real Guanxi relationship-based cooperation
• Learn to get into your Chinese counterparts' minds to create more positive patterns of interaction with them
• Communicate and negotiate with less frustration and get better results with Chinese partners, colleagues, employees, and government officials
• Enjoy a more rewarding experience in China

Analyze and dissect Chinese CULTURAL DICHOTOMIES with the West to trigger greater imagination and develop a foundation for understanding the rules of playing and winning the proverbial China game.

Learn the peculiarities of how Chinese people communicate through a breakdown analysis of CIRCULAR CONVERSATIONS + tools, tips, and tactics to deescalate negative dialogue to make your assertions more comfortable to accept.

Learn Chinese tendencies that resemble Art of War (AoW) tactics and counter them to gain an advantage during negotiations.

Translate all the knowledge, insights, and strategies acquired into sustainable, long-term cooperation with your Chinese partners and employees.

WARNING! Consuming the content without diving deeply into the worksheet exercises will not enable you to create a new China reality.

Most leaders enter China unprepared to adapt to things they don't know they don't know, but you can change that with a free EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY IN CHINA Discovery Coaching Session.

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