In a land of contradictions, you need to first "forget everything you know to be true" to develop a new modus operandi (MO) that creates a new winning reality for yourself and your organization in China.

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Give it to Me!

US- China Relations

Give it to Me!

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Give it to Me!

Jaap van Ingen

Senior Manager (Global PMS)

Gene's cross-cultural understanding, his personal skill to establish trusting relationships, make him a unique asset in a rapidly changing global economy.

James Warner

Vistage China CEO

Gene's experience working with leaders in China provided unique and practical insights into how to bridge cultural differences in real-world settings.

Michael Eagleton

Managing Director (China Expat)

Thank you Gene, even after my 21 years in China, I've learned something new. Your webinar was packed with so many useful insights, am going to watch it over again.