The Chinese Honeymoon Period

Do you realize you may have negative (subconscious) biases toward Chinese people that may lead to skepticism and fear of partners you should and need to trust in order to maximize the effectiveness of your cooperation?


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About the author

Gene is as American as football and apple pie while also 100% fluent in Mandarin Chinese, so he fully immerses himself in every cross-cultural interaction where he discovered the critical importance of EMPATHY and SELF-AWARENESS as the primary gateways into social acceptance and long-term success.

He believes the world would be a better place if China and America got along, and his MISSION is to help Americans and Chinese get along better by creating content that triggers positive imagination and purpose-driven curiosity for his podcast listeners, YouTube viewers, webinar attendees, and Meetup members.

From teaching cross-cultural management to Chinese executives in Chinese, mentoring Chinese MBA students, partnering with local Chinese, and hosting Meetup events in China, to marrying a traditional Chinese lady and raising his ABC son in America, the personal stakes for Gene are as high as the impact on his business that he can reach more people with his unifying message and blueprint for achieving harmony across the dichotomies of Chinese and American culture.