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The Chinese Honeymoon Period is an introduction to China reimagined as a kingdom full of possibilities where the secret to unlocking its wonders lies beyond your skepticism, myopia, and ego. In these interactive workshops, we socialize and expand our understanding of Chinese culture within their context. Everyone speaks in English or Mandarin Chinese.

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They say language is the gateway into another culture, but what about China?

Translations are not only imperfect, but they reinforce a tendency to think in our own language rather than develop a new mindset for new cultural realities.

The Chinese Honeymoon Period is a guide for your journey into China.

Still, I recognize that after years of training, coaching, and consulting that real breakthroughs will come after you recondition yourself with a new attitude, mindset, and approach.

Enter, The Chinese Honeymoon Period Meetup LIVE events…

One China Business Forum of Orange County

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One China Cultural Awareness Center Meetup

Now hosting LIVE Meetups in Irvine, California

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Latest LIVE Meetup Schedule

• Friday, 9:00am, July 22, 2022 (morning session)
• Wednesday 11:30am,  July 27, 2022 (lunch session)
• Friday, 9:00am, July 29, 2022 (morning session)
• Wednesday 11:30am, August 3, 2022 (lunch session)

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