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China Communications Explained & Simplified

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021 10:00 AM

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Solving CHINA's Unknown Unknowns

to Negotiate Winning Outcomes (LIVE Workshop+)

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Final Outcome is a more rewarding journey into China

If you complete this program and make a sincere effort to recondition how to think and respond to certain cross-cultural situations, you will ACHIEVE several very positive outcomes.

Improve how Chinese perceive you

Reimagine and reinterpret Chinese behavior in the proper cultural context

Unlock REAL Guanxi-based cooperation

Develop REAL GUANXI BY responding with greater empathy and cultural awareness

Communicate with less frustration

Get the mindset, tactics, and strategies to manage circular conversations


Cultural Dichotomies

Knowledge and insight to develop greater cultural awareness and empathy

Yes, Let's Begin!

Circular Conversations

Learn to manage circular conversations rather than being frustrated by them

Yes, Show Me!

Chinese Negotiations

Strategies to counter Art of War tactics used subconsciously by Chinese

Give Me Tactics!

Winning Cooperation

Attitude and mindset for predictable and sustainable cooperation 

Yes, Win-Win!

Feeling closed off from deeper (Guanxi) relationships?

In addition to registering for the live event, you will be redirectly instantly to download our 21 page tactics for negotiations in China and personal development worksheet.

Develop winning tactics and mindset for China business to unlock Chinese ingenuity and hard work to get your partners and employees working with you.

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2020 was a year no one could have ever imagined!

  • There's been millions of lives lost due to a global pandemic and countries still cannot agree who's to blame and how best to protect one another.
  • There's been millions of jobs lost, many likely never to return, but technology is transforming the way we work at an accelerated rate led by China and the world's largest and most innovative e-commerce marketplace.

My friends, we're in the midst of another NEW NORMAL, and its epicenter is China, technologically, culturally, and geopolitically.
But in the meantime, the United States is still the world's largest economy, it has the world's most advanced military, and the majority of all international trade is still settled in Dollars.

So, are we headed for a CRISIS or an OPPORTUNITY?

Perhaps we're headed toward both, because for Chinese people, every crisis IS an opportunity.

Hi, my name is Gene Hsu

And I'm here to share with you NOT JUST how survive a rising and more aggressive China, but how to thrive doing business in China or with Chinese people wherever you connect with them, virtually or in your own backyard.

So now, as we begin a new decade with a new American administration, there's no shortage of predictions about trade wars leading to hot wars, a splinternet between Western democracies and China, and how artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, and the Internet of Things will create huge opportunities and disruptions that will forever change how we all live, work, and coexist together.
And since you are watching this video, I want to inform you that all these predictions are IRRELEVANT, not just today, but they have always been.
Now, the outcomes, of course, are not, but your ATTENTION to the media, pundits, and prognosticators is a harmful distraction, as well focusing on things that you CANNOT control.

The most OVERLOOKED thing that can make a dramatic impact for you in this NEW ERA or NEW NORMAL is your own attitude, mindset, and approach in playing the China game and navigating a new arena with new rules and patterns of interaction.

So if you are interested in getting new tools, tactics, and strategies to WIN in this new normal, I'm going to share with you a blueprint to uncover your UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS and transform your ability to cooperate with the other side.
I want to show you how to give yourself an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE when it comes to understanding and working with Chinese people, and along the way, help more Westerners and Chinese get along better, and hopefully make a small contribution to helping America and China achieve greater cooperation and a lasting peace for all.

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Now, if 2020 and past history has showed us anything, it's that we cannot cooperate better with Chinese people or anyone else for that matter, IF we are unwilling to adjust HOW we communicate with others in general.
When we are frustrated with Circular Conversations, Non-Committal Answers, and Lip Service, we cannot create new interaction patterns without fundamentally doing something different.
And this all begins with an attitude and mindset adjustment, which is 100% controllable by you and what really matters in managing perceptions and misperceptions.

You might assume that your HONESTY and SINCERE best intentions are universally understood, appreciated, and even reciprocated, but across vast cultural and value differences, this assumption inevitably leads to frustration and disappointment.
But the GOOD NEWS is -- it doesn't have to be this way.
Once I show you how to uncover your UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS, or the things you don't know you don't know, you'll feel empowered to influence your Chinese counterparts in a positive way and make everything that happens more predictable.

Now, I've been doing business in China since 1996, and the joke is I speak English almost as well as I speak Chinese, but the one thing that I learned throughout my experiences is "knowing how to speak Chinese doesn't mean you know what to say in Chinese"
Because while speaking Chinese can be an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage IF you understand how you are perceived, which is one of the things we'll focus on in this training.
So I want to quickly share with you that I have a SECRET WEAPON, which is my beautiful wife of the past ten years.

While we met in Atlanta, Georgia, my hometown, she was born and raised in a small 4th Tier Province in Hunan, China, and she has a very traditional Chinese mindset, whatever you think that means, she probably thinks and behaves that way…

So EVERY disagreement, argument, or fight we've had over the past 10 years has helped me to understand:

  • NUANCES of our cultural and value differences
  • ORIGINS of our disagreements
  • SOLUTIONS to achieve greater long-term harmony and a happy marriage.

Because FAMILY is the most important thing in my life, I was forced to develop greater EMPATHY and SELF-AWARENESS, so I now fully understand WHY ---- what you are currently doing to try to accomplish your goals in China MIGHT NOT BE working to give you the best results possible, especially in the long-term, and also WHY it probably "feels" that what you ARE ABLE to achieve often comes at the cost of a very inefficient communication process, AND it doesn't seem to last.
What I'm talking about are circular conversations and non-committal responses. Not to mention SILENCE or what you may feel is a very disingenuous FACE-GIVING culture…
Believe me, I UNDERSTAND that it can ALL BE very FRUSTRATING, so MY PROMISE is I'm going to show you how to REIMAGINE your misperceptions about how Chinese people speak, think, and behave.

This won't solve your problems, per say, but it will give you greater clarity WHAT, WHEN, and HOW to take action that actually moves the needle in a more positive direction.

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Solving CHINA's Unknown Unknowns (SCUUs) Program

Think you understand Chinese Guanxi?

Whether you are preparing for your first business trip to China or you've been living and working there for decades, strengthening mutual trust in the form of developing REAL Guanxi relationships will benefit your cause.

  • Vague, non-committal responses?
  • Frustrating, circular conversations?

No problem. This program will unlock new tactics and strategies to keep your Chinese counterparts off balance while you simultaneously earn their trust.

Western (mis)perceptions of China create challenges that require special attention to overcome, especially when the rules of engagement seem unfair, confusing, and contradictory. We will demystify how to negotiate winning outcomes in China by teaching you the unspoken rules of operating inside China's arena.


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What are you waiting for?

Create more positive interaction patterns with your Chinese partners today!

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