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What if you could positively transform any negative communication pattern with your Chinese counterparts?

Sometimes we don't know what questions to ask.

More often, "experts" address our problems dogmatically with superficial suggestions, but we feast on their "insights" because they quench our thirst for reprieve from our insanity.

"You cannot create a new reality in China with the same approach that led to its creation."

Submit your answers and receive a personalized EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY IN CHINA coaching response video.

I am deliberately forcing you to answer three questions as concisely as possible to focus on context and what you perceive as beyond your control:

  1. What 'Outcome' or anticipated outcome troubles you?
  2. What 'Action' or behavior is most frustrating that you believe causes the negative 'Outcome?'
  3. What 'Principle' or moral value makes the perceived 'Action' unacceptable?


Note: We may post your personalized coaching video through our social media channels to assist others with similar challenges, but your name will remain anonymous.